The Only Roulette Strategy Than Never Fails

If you love to play roulette then this is a strategy for you. Most people will always play a number or section that pays more than 2:1 but that isn’t always the best way to play. If you want to keep winning and never lose then the first thing you need to do is learn this very simple yet profitable strategy for playing roulette.

The first thing you will do is pick a color, odd/even, or 1-18/29-36. The reason you pick only one of these is so you can place $1 on it and then let the wheel play out. If you win, great but if not then you will play double your initial bet on the exact same spot. The reason you will do this is because odds are you will never sit down and play the same spot and never win. Lets say you win this time, great take your money and move onto a different spot but if you lose you will double your bet again and let the wheel play out this time. As you can see all you are doing is playing enough to win back your initial bet.

Something most people don’t like about this strategy is that it takes too long to win lots of money, but if you want to win fast and you have the money to play then try an initial bet of $5 but watch out because doubling your bet could get up to the table limit pretty quickly.

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