The benefits of online bingo

Online bingo attracts over 3 million players and counting in the UK alone. This virtual sensation has seen the introduction of around 250 online Bingo sites since online gaming was deemed legal and became regulated under the 2005 Gaming Act.

The benefits of online bingo as opposed to ‘real life’ bingo are plentiful and have made the industry the success it is today.

Undoubtedly, the convenience and accessibility of playing the online version of the game has been integral to its success and remains a key benefit offered to players who can enjoy partaking in one of the nation’s favourite games without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Players can also benefit from the amount of games that are continually taking place throughout the day as opposed to having organise their time around the schedule of the bingo hall. And to convenience the players even further, many of the sites have created apps for Smartphones so that they can enjoy playing on the go from a location and time that is convenient to them.

Another main benefit is the financial aspect to online bingo. Due to lack of overheads and unlimited capacity, bingo websites are able to offer great promotions that benefit the player immensely. For example, some sites offer to match the amount deposited or give you an initial amount of free money to play with. As the competition between sites is fierce, these bonuses, promotions and payouts are becoming increasingly beneficial to the player, sometimes even more so than to the website who are prepared to make a loss in this area which can then be supplemented through advertising revenue.

Online bingo also offers different versions of the game that are otherwise unavailable in bingo halls which tend to stick with 90-ball bingo. Although this version is unquestionably popular, some people tend to appreciate the variety offered online, along with the extra features such as auto-daub and chat, and the entertaining graphics and themes which reflect and enhance the excitement of the game.

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