Play Slots To Win

If you are going to play slots then you need to play to win and win a lot. Most people that play slots are only playing the minimums and therefore won’t take full advantage of what the slot machine has to offer.

When you walk into a casino the first thing you will see is a lot of slot machines and the reason is simple, they don’t cost much to run and they always come out ahead. What most casino patrons don’t know about slot machines is that some are there for pure enjoyment and some are there to win money. If you want to play slots to win money there are only two machines you should be sitting at; progressive poker and high jackpot slot machines. The reason these are the only two machines you want to be playing is because the only way to truly win while playing slots is to win the jackpots time and time again.

What most people don’t understand about all slot machines is they have counters in them that are only activated after certain sequences of bets. For instance the jackpot might be triggered by 3 minimum bets followed by 6 max bets and once it hits the counter is reset to something else. The reason you need to know this is because many people think that once a slot machine pays out it won’t payout again, but that isn’t always true. With the industry standard paying out about 86% of money collected you are sure to win something if you just sit at the same machine long enough.

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