Play Baccarat With G-Club

If you are new to the game of baccarat, there might be reasons that you would want to know how to play the game, especially if you are visiting prestigious casino clubs like the G Club at Genting. Some might state that it is a high stakes casino game but the process of playing the game is simple in principle. There is not much skill involved as one needs to choose from two or three options that are offered in the game. If you are new to casino games, it would be safe to try your hand at baccarat as it often offers greater chances of winning than playing other games.


For playing baccarat at a casino be ready to have a large bank account ready for spending. The game is made exclusive and the stakes are high as it is usually played by wealthy gamblers. Hence, the minimum stakes are quite high in this casino game. The process is simple, but it is necessary to get acquainted with the game before you decide to play it in a live casino. There are certain ceremonial acts that are done by the players as well as the dealer. That defines the way the cards are dealt. The gamblers decide as to who will win, whether the player or the dealer.

In every hand of the game the player and the dealer will draw two cards from a lot. As per the draw, the player may be eligible for a third card draw. This in turn might force the dealer to draw another card as well. The game’s rules as specified at a casino will be explained and the dealer will clear any uncertainties that might exist. Once the cards are drawn in totality, the players add up the total of the cards drawn. The scores of cards like Jack, King, Queen, 10 are zero, the side that has the highest number as the last digit of the total will be the winner. Hence, if there is a total of five it would beat a score of 12 as the last digit 2 is smaller than 5. Every player will continue to play till they lose in a hand. That person’s role is then passed to the next gambler. The gamblers need to bet on the dealer or the player with each hand. Some casinos also allow the gamblers to bet for a tie.

The process of winning in this game is simple. The gamblers who are able to guess correctly win at even odds. This means that they get their stakes back as well as the same amount. The casinos usually take a percentage commission on the successful bets. Every bet tends to lose when the scores are tied. These are the ways the casinos gain a certain advantage in this game.

If you are looking to learn the game before venturing to G Club, why not try the game online? There are several simulated games such as บาคาร่า that will help one experience the game for real.