How to beat slot machines

There are no guaranteed ways of beating these machines, but that doesn’t mean to say that there’s nothing you can do to help improve your odds. These are just some of the ways you can gain an advantage.

Be clear on the rules

Once you start playing this becomes your responsibility so, if you’re not absolutely sure about the number of rows you need to activate to win, or the number of coins to put in, make sure you ask before you start. You won’t get any money you do win if you haven’t followed the rules correctly.

Find the highest paying machines

If you are playing an actual (rather than online virtual) game, try to find the slot machines with the highest level of payout. Machines in some casinos will offer payout of 98%, but this will not apply to all of the machines they have. The best option is to try and find out which machines regular local players use – as these will most likely be the high payout ones.

Type of machine

Make sure you pick the machine with a coin denomination choice that you can afford. For some, playing machines with progressive jackpots (which really require maximum coins) will be too expensive. You should compare machines to see which offers better value in terms of payout to coins inserted.

Know what you can afford to bet

Make sure you have worked out in advance how much money you can afford to pay out playing the slots, and do not exceed this. Say, if you have set yourself a £50 limit, finish when you have either used all of this or doubled it. It is just as important to be disciplined if you are winning – a good gambler never pushes their luck too far.

Online casino cash bonuses

Many online casinos offer money bonuses to new players, to attract them; some even give bonuses just to get you try them out. Make sure you only accept these if the casino rules are okay with you.

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