2WinPower Conquers the Philippines

Not long ago, one of the leading providers in the gambling industry – the company 2WinPower – has officially announced its entry into the Philippine market. In this article we are going to talk about what inspired the company to take such a step, and what lead up to this decision.

Prospects of the Philippine Market

Publicly disclosed analytical materials from several leading rating agencies indicated that the Philippines are at the moment the most promising region for the development of gambling. The country demonstrates phenomenal growth indicators: the net profit has increased by 19% over a year.

This year, Union Gaming Group and Morgan Stanley have predicted the Philippine market’s net profit to reach $ 3.2 billion. The research results confirm that the local population is more and more interested in gambling, so in the future we should expect even more amazing results. Currently this is the third largest market in Asia after Macao and Singapore.

After Rodrigo Duterte took over the government, relationship between the Philippines and the PRC became cooler, which, curiously enough, had a positive impact on the development of gambling. The active growth of the market and the popularity of gambling have encouraged entrepreneurs to open new casino resorts.

The government has approved a plan, which should turn the country into a huge gambling center. Transnational companies that want to get a piece of the pie were offered quite favorable conditions. Today casinos in Macau are seriously concerned about this fact, because the resort City of Dreams has received the investment in an amount of about $ 1 billion.

City of Dreams is a complex that consists of four gambling establishments of the world-class. Its construction is carried out by such companies as Bloomery Resorts, Travelers, Universal Entertainment and Belly Corporation.

In general, analysts agree that the whole Asian market has a promising future. The Philippines and Japan began to develop this business line because of its potential profitability, thereby inciting Singapore and Macau.

Why the Philippines?

2WinPower is the leading provider of online casino software in the CIS. Within a framework of the business plan, the brandhas decided to enlarge its footprint.

The Philippines is a very promising, but underestimated market, which strongly needs high-quality casino software. The fact is that the local population is characterized by an increased addiction to gambling, and funds are invested only in land-based gambling establishments. Here world-class companies build premium casinos that are inaccessible to population masses.

Analyzing the situation, specialists of 2WinPower came to the conclusion that the level of the online gambling development in the Philippines leaves much to be desired. And this is when online casinos are a great way of satisfying gamblers’ thirst for excitement that absolutely everyone can have.

For this reason 2WinPower has decided to bring innovative casino software to the Philippines. Now local operators will be able to buy casino slots from the world’s leading manufacturers and delight the audience with advanced and exciting slot machines.